Here are the top 5 ports for the ultimate River Cruise

By Pearl Lemauviel

You are going on a River Cruise! Let me share with you the 'port experience'.

On a river cruise vacation, ensuring you pick the right port stops for your journey is important. The port experience is just as much of the experience as is the actual river cruising. Each port is unique in and of itself. When we think of the Rhine and the Moselle Valley, it's the fairy tale villages and ancient castles dotted along the way that jump to mind and get us excited. All river cruise lines offer different levels and types of activities to accommodate all travellers. Ask yourself, what type of travel experience do I enjoy?

  • Are you an active person on holiday who prefers wants to hike, bike or adventure?
  • Or do you like to laze on the ship deck, take in the spa and shop at in every port?
  • Is it more about the culinary experience, the food and wine is what you look forward to?
  • You might select a River Cruise for the cultural experience or the historical aspect while taking in a museum or two.

No matter what you like, I believe there is a river cruise and port experience for each person. Here are some of my top 5 favorite's river cruise ports with some activities that will enhance your cruising adventure.

1. Rhine Gorge - Rudesheim, Germany

Take a cable car ride over the vineyards along the Rhine to the Niederwald Monument. Hike back to town and visit Siegfried's Mechanical Music Museum for 3 centuries of history. Here they share the art of making of music boxes, organs and more. Drosselgasse, also known as wine alley is quaint and features many shops, restaurants and taverns. Plenty to satisfy the culinary traveller. Enjoy a Rudesheim Coffee (flambe brandy and sugar) but beware, once topped with whipped cream it tends to go from the 'Lips to the Hips'!

2. Moselle Valley - Cochem, Germany

Medieval city gates provide the entry to this charming town with half-timbered houses. Visit the Reichsburg Castle believed built in the year 1000. It is situated more than 100 metres above the Moselle. Tour the Marktplatz, the origins of old town and enjoy the beautiful mosaic on the bridge.

3. Rhine & Moselle Rivers - Koblenz, Germany

A city at the confluence of the two rivers. A cable car can be taken to enjoy the spectacular view overlooking the valley. The massive monument of Emperor William I overlooks the rivers at 'German Corner'. This area is known for fine Riesling wines, lovely cafes in alleys and 5000 years of history.

4. Douro River Valley - Porto, Portugal

This levelled city on the banks of the river is the hub of the 'Port' trade. The city has a mix of modern and ancient architecture. Visit the medieval Church of St. Francis over the D. Luis Bridge on the lower level area. Take the funicular to the upper level and highest point of Porto to the Porto Cathedral. Livraria Lello is a century old bookstore that is magical with its unique architectural style (think Harry Potter).

5. Rhone & Saone - Lyon, France

At the confluence of the two rivers, Lyon is known as the gastronomic capital of France. Visit a 'bouchon' and experience traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. The two well-known wine regions, Beaujolais (north) and Cotes du Rhone (south) add to its culinary appeal. Bike along the river to the spectacular Parc de la Tete d'Or (Golden Head Park), 290 acres of green space where you can enjoy rose gardens, fountains, covered bridges and wildlife

Like I said, there is something for everyone at each port when you take a river cruise; just choose your adventure. So pick your next cruise now and let’s get you cruising down the river? Connect with me, a river cruising expert, to book the next amazing experience.

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