CANADA - The Northern Rideau Canal houseboat cruise


Immersion on the Rideau Canal!

Spend your Canadian vacation time in 2021 on a houseboat cruising down the Rideau Canal. Customise your itinerary and drop into small towns along the way, learn of the history of its construction or just enjoy the water and landscapes! You are the captain of your own boat and own itinerary.

Construction of the Rideau Canal started in 1826. It took 6 years to build with harsh working conditions. As you cruise along the canal, you can admire the beautiful construction. and learn of the military history the canal has.


Suggested Itinerary - Northern Rideau Canal

This suggested 7 day itinerary covers 138km of the 202kms of the Rideau Canal's length. It is approximately 34hrs of cruising - thats just 5kms a day - plenty of time to explore, or overnight in a favourite location for multiple days. There is no rush to go from place to place - its your boat and your itinerary!

Day 1

Day 1 - Pick up in Smiths Falls

Starting in Eastern Ontario you will pick up your houseboat and set cruising on the historic Rideau Canal. Ensure you spend a day or two here in Smiths Falls to experience the Museums, theatres, hiking and biking. Enjoy this small town waterfront community.

Day 2

Day 2 - Cruising

Travel east along the Rideau Canal and experience history has you pass through several locks. In total there are 24 lockstations and 47 locks along the Rideau Canal. Did you see a landscape you want to explore more? Pull-up, grab your bike and go exploring on land.

Day 3

Day 3 - Merrickville

Arriving into Merrickville you will be struck by how pretty this village is. With Victorian-era stone houses, you can moor the boat for the day and explore the arts and crafts shops in the historic village. Grab an ice-cream and check out the glass blowing studio or visit a local museum.

Overnight on your boat in Merrickville and enjoy dinner in one of the many restaurants in the historic buildings.

Day 4

Day 3 - Upper Nicholsons
Canada Rideau Canal canoeing Credit Canadian Tourism Commission

Leaving Merrickville this morning, motor your way to Upper Nicholsons. Here you will have the opportunity to learn more of the history of the construction of the canal. You may even like to bring out the canoes and paddle around the canal to explore in more details.

Day 5

Day 4 - Cruising

With a longer cruising day ahead of you, depart from Upper Nicholson to make your way to Long Island. Along the way stop to enjoy the water with a swim, picnic on the side of the canal or take a walk. You are the captain and your boat will take you where you want.

Day 6

Day 5 - Long Island
Canada Rideau Canal Girl Fishing Credit Canadian Tourism Commission

When you arrive in Long Island, you will be able to truly enjoy the length of the Canal that you have travelled. Meet other boaters, have a picnic, take a walk or cast a line for some fresh fish.

Day 7

Day 6 - Burrits Rapids

Travel back down the canal toward Burrits Rapids. When you arrive take a walk through the village and then go exploring on the 'Tip to Tip trail' nature walk.

Day 8

Day 7 - Back to Smiths Falls

Today motor your way back to Smiths Falls to return your boat. Appreciate the landscapes you are seeing and remember the adventures of the past week!

This is a great adventure for families or groups of friends. You can travel at your own pace and customise the itinerary to enjoy the points of interest that are of interest to you. Connect with a PTM Travel Agent now to book your 2021 Rideau Canal experience.

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