Family Vacations

From Harry Potter World to Great Whales Breaching

Family memories, some fade, some stick around. What are the memories that stick in your mind? Perhaps, it’s:

  • your eldest catching each speeding drip of a triple decker -- and very melty -- ice cream cone treat that grandma and grandpa spoiled him with while soaking in the sun on the lido deck of cruise ship to Panama; or
  • the squeals of excitement from your toddlers when they spotted monkeys swinging branch to branch grabbing vibrant fruit from the heights of the South American jungle.

Family Travel is different for Everyone

Traditional families, multi-generational families, modern families, friend families (a.k.a framilies) — none of that worries us because we view each family as a unique blend of individuals with likes, dislikes and unique needs and passions.

Let Personal Travel Management sort out the details. We coordinate:

  • geographical travel requirements
  • special needs (e.g cribs, mobility devices, lodging considerations)
  • multiple budgets

Everyone needs to feel special on a family holiday. We can help you harmonize the experience for everyone by flying people in from different locations, finding family accommodation (maybe even a villa), and lining up tons of adventure from ziplining to snorkelling to cultural tours.

Don’t forget, we have Featured Trip itineraries — and will even customize the experience for your family. Whether your kids are up for Harry Potter World and Disney Paris on our London and Paris Kid Style trip or they want to be among the Great Wales on a trip to Baja California, we can assure a unique family friendly holiday that leaves everyone feeling happy and fulfilled.

With kids, you have 18 summers, spring breaks and Christmas’s to make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t waste another minute second-guessing whether you should be soaking up sun, while the kids play in the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. Do it while the kids are still young and not busy with their own life.

Contact a family Vacation travel expert today!

Memories created on vacation by our agents:

Our family and friends traveled to Costa Rica for 2 weeks! Not once did we hear 'I’m bored’ or ‘Can we watch TV’. The first week the kids were exploring, swimming and surfing. The second week we ventured to the National Parks to see the monkeys, iguanas and do some ziplining. Read more about our agent Janice Hague’s family group time in Costa Rica here!

Sometimes family vacations are more about discovering family, than it is about travelling with the family. On an across the country road trip with a girlfriend, our agent Kathryn visited family, discovered places related to her ancestry and got to know the country she and her family calls home. Read more about Kathryn Comeau-Wong's adventure in Canada here!

The importance of traveling with Family

One of our clients speaks to us about how their relationship changed after a Mother/Son trip. Our agents share the importance of traveling with your children.

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