Seclusion and Wildlife in the BC Wilderness


Are you looking for a truly BC and family oriented experience? Then this is the getaway for you! Farewell Harbour Lodge is located in the beautiful BC wilderness off Vancouver Island. It is on the traditional territories of the Mamalilikulla, Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis, Da'naxda'xw Awaetlala and 'Namgis First Nations. It's location allows you to have access to amazing wildlife, experience true wilderness character, and is reasonably easy to access (30 min water taxi ride). The West Coast is the inspiration behind the design and feel of the property.

The lodge operates only in peak season - June to October - and for this reason, you can be sure to have a relaxed and enjoyable time in and among the islands. As the lodge was unable to operate in 2020, they staff took the opportunity to give the lodge some tender loving care and be ready to welcome guests next season.

Book your summer/fall 2021 getaway now while availability remains. The property has just 12 suites and these are sure to book out! Connect with your PTM agent to ask about available dates.


A 4 day/3 night getaway to the Queen Charlotte Islands will have you feeling like you have been on vacation for months. Extend this trip with some time in the northern communities of Vancouver Island.

Day 1

Travel to Farewell Harbour Lodge

Day 2

Grizzly Viewing Excursion

Day 3

Marine Tour

Talk to your favourite PTM travel agent to organise your travel to Alder Bay where you will meet your water taxi. Your farewell Harbour Lodge representative will meet you here and whisk you across Johnstone Strait to Berry Island. This lodge is nestled at the end of the Queen Charlotte Strait.

Day 4

You choose before departing

Here you will be ushered to one of 12 lodge suites in which you can enjoy a secluded escape from the crowds and connect with your natural surroundings. Upon settling in, lunch will be served in the dining room.

We can't end the day without some wildlife viewing, so after lunch it's back out on the water for some marine mammal viewing. You will explore Johnstone Strait and blackfish Sound. On the water you may find yourself seeing Humpbacks, Orca's or other marine life. As we cruise around the islands, you are likely to spot Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves and other land animals thanks to the protection offered by the Great bear Rainforest.

Your day will be concluded with supper served in the dining hall complete with a selection of wine to compliment. Watch the sun set and listen to the sounds of your natural surroundings. Get to know your ecology surroundings through the nightly presentations provided.

Today prepare to enjoy the estuaries, islands and surrounding environment of the lodge. You will head out on the water to explore the Great Bear Rainforest. This might be called a bear viewing excursion, but you will see so much more both on the water and on land. You will search for the grizzly bear and along the way learn about the trees, birds, plants and marine life that live in this area.

After an day on the water and hiking on the land you will return to your comfortable accommodations for a buffet dinner and your nightly presentation.

The Great Bear Rainforest has so much to offer on both land and in the sea, so today our focus is the marine life. Jump onboard and explore the many bays and inlets of the Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sounds. Humpback whales are seen throughout the summer season and Orca's are most visible in July.

Of course the sea is not just whales, you will find the playful otters, seals and birds such as the Kingfisher and iconic Canadian Loon along with many more species.

After a day on the water, it is time to head back to the lodge for you dinner and nightly presentation.

With so much beautifully forested land surrounding the property, this morning is your chance to surround yourself in an optional excursion to explore it. You have the opportunity to go on a kayaking excursion, a guided forest walk or if you enjoyed the water so much, take another marine mammal excursion.

At mid-day you will meet your water taxi for your return back to Vancouver Island.

Once on Vancouver Island, you can make your way home, OR talk to your favourite PTM agent and extend your island adventure. Your agent will have lots of ideas to suit your travel style.



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4 Day Tour

Packages start at $3,670CAD per person + GST based on double occupancy. Check the inclusions and then connect with your PTM agent to determine availability and pricing for your dates!