Bronwen Hill Testimonials

I recently booked my trip to Norway with Bronwen’s expert help. I needed to travel during a pandemic and with lots of changes expected due to the nature of the trip, I could not have navigated the ever changing regulations and made sure to check all the new requirements prior to setting out on my own.

Bronwen’s organizational skills, timely reminders, swift and friendly actions when airlines change their schedules were absolutely invaluable. I will trust Bronwen to organize all my travels moving forward.”

Elisabeth Cheng

Bronwen provided skilled, knowledgeable and responsive service in helping us to plan and book our family vacation.

When traveling was postponed due to the pandemic, Bronwen worked effectively to ensure that we did not suffer any loss as a result. We are looking forward to booking through her service next year and highly recommend her to our friends and family.

Michelle Antil

Bronwen went above and beyond to help with my family vacation. She monitored ticket prices to see if they were going to drop before we had to buy them and she kept us updated. She got us our Neatly organized documents when we needed them and was not only knowledgeable but friendly too! She took the time to really know me and my family.

Ashley Doan

We usually don’t book with a travel agent but Bronwen did an exceptional job finding us the perfect destination for a great price. She picked out the best flights and the best hotel that fit with all our needs and desires; Everything about our trip was unforgettable. Definitely going to book our next trip with her.

Nadia Lanigan

My husband and I were thinking of spending the last two weeks of December at Anaheim, California. This is to celebrate our son’s 10th birthday. He is a big Lego fan. Due to our busy schedules, we were not able to sit down and plan until 5 weeks before our intended departure date.

We are not seasoned travellers and are not into DIY travel planning. We are more like follow-a-fixed-itinerary-everything-pre-paid-and-pre-booked kind of travellers. We’d like everything sorted out prior as to not go overboard with our travel budget. We would like expenses to be predictable while on the road.

I started to search for travel agencies that can customized our itinerary. We initially contacted a huge tour group. Though the cost is pretty reasonable, they had fixed dates for departure and set destinations for each day. We wanted something more customized as we need to accommodate the dates of our work leaves and we wanted to spend a day at Legoland on the exact day of my son’s birthday. It’s quite impossible for huge tour groups to accommodate this.

I remembered scrolling through Facebook one day and chanced upon Personal Travel Management. This was a year before our intended trip. I sent them a private message asking if they can make travel arrangements for us. I went back to that message and sent another inquiry. Bronwen Hill replied promptly.

To ensure that she would be able to recommend the appropriate experience for the whole family, Bronwen had us answer some questions on preferences, special needs accommodations and budget. She was very thorough. She offered us different options and laid out the pros and cons for each option. She was very flexible and met our requests especially for those instances that we had to make last minute requests. Bronwen was very knowledgeable about the different destinations that we wanted to visit. Given our tight schedule during a peak season, she was able to include a ‘rest’ day for us in between. She was also considerate that we were travelling with a kid. She found us the best deals for air fares and park hopper entrances. She offered the option of driving a rental vehicle, however, my husband wants to avoid the hassle of looking and paying for parking and navigating around unfamiliar thoroughfares. Bronwen accommodated this request and arranged for all transfers. Bronwen was also very honest/ upfront on the charges for her service. We liked that.

Prior to our intended departure, Bronwen had to leave the country to attend to family matters. She responsibly handed over our itinerary to another colleague, Katie who she said would be taking over our travel details in her absence. Bronwen had settled everything – billing, e-tickets, transportation, travel package, insurance and tips, hotel reservations, and transfers before she left. She even gave my son Disney bag tag. She is very organized and easily reachable.

We had very memorable trip and my son still raves about his birthday celebration at Legoland. He shares it now with his friends, he even writes about it on Literacy Class for his online learning.

The whole experience would not be as memorable if it weren’t for Bronwen. She gave us a worry-free time and we were able to focus on just enjoying the week. Although it was a peak travel season, we did not feel that we were rushed. We just have to be on time. Overall, the trip planning and the trip itself was stress-free. Thanks very much to Bronwen.

A couple of weeks after our return to BC, Bronwen called us for a check-in. We ended up chatting for more than an hour sharing anecdotes of our travels, family stories, world view and future travel plans. The check-in was really a personal touch.

I would highly recommend Bronwen’s services to other families who wants detailed and prepared travel plans like us. True to her position, Bronwen provides specialized personal travel management. We would surely avail of Bronwen’s services for our future travel plans.

Glenn, Helen and Carlisle, Maple Ridge, BC

Thanks for a great trip! Bronwen made it easy even for a novice euro traveler. Our trip to Spain and Portugal was very well planned but gave us the flexibility to wander at will.

Thanks very much. We can't wait till the next adventure!

Jonathan MacPherson

Bronwen Hill and Personal Travel Management handled all of my family's travel needs such as finding suitable accommodations and fun activities, all within our budget. We were always in communication. I trusted them with my credit card.

Kim Swartz

I would definitely book my flights with Bronwen in the future! She is professional, helpful and she found me the best deals. Her efforts provided me with peace of mind on my trip and a wonderful travelling experience.

Nasima Ramji

Our agent (Bronwen) was extremely helpful in getting our family organized for our vacation. Given that we were travelling with two young kids, we needed to plan our flights and accommodations to meet their needs as well. She asked questions about what our goals were, presented options for our flights, and confirmed everything well in advance so we knew exactly what we were getting into, right up to booking our seats on some flights to help keep our kids contained. The accommodations that she found in Munich were perfect for our extended family - right on a major transit line, close to all amenities, and very clean. We are very happy with the service that we received.

Burt James and Steph Hindle

Bronwen was a life saver and was even classy enough not to say I told you so! We decided to book the last leg of our flight on our own since we found a cheaper flight but then after a missed connection and delays we completely missed that flight and while we were over the atlantic on the way to Europe with no way to get things sorted out she was able to get us another flight to Morocco and all based on some pretty frantic emails that must have kept her up late. Thanks Bronwen!

Aharon Arnstein

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