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As a travel specialist, I work with families to create family stories and experiences. My expertise is with multi-generational families and those with special needs. I am myself an avid world traveller (with my extended family) and am passionate about connecting multi-generational families with personalized travel experiences that everyone in the group can enjoy, regardless of their ability or interest. I believe that your trip starts when you start planning so work with you to make trip planning an exciting part of the experience.

Prior to becoming a group travel specialist, I spent 10 years in the aviation industry, which gave me a unique insight into large group travel. One of my proudest accomplishments was organizing chartered flights for a group of 1,200 students. My knowledge of the inner workings of the airline industry made me especially suited to organize this successful trip.

To travel is to experience local cultures and communities - from the rice paddies in Vietnam, the Mona Lisa in Paris, the majestic waterfalls in New Zealand, to “where the pope lives” or the ancient ruins in Peru. I will work with you to travel sustainably and create new family memories that are meaningful and connect you with the destination you travel to.

What is holding you back?

Your travel time is limited, do you want to spend it planning travel, or do you want to just travel?

"Not all classrooms have 4 walls". - Anon

I coordinate amazing travel itineraries! I am your travel planner. Share your travel ideas and dreams with me. Once we confirm the proposed itinerary, I coordinate the bookings and provide support until you return from every journey.

When you plan and book your travels with me, I plan for every detail so that you have a quality experience.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

As a professional Travel Agent I have a wide circle of industry contacts and knowledgeable colleagues. I have traveled extensively coming from Australia and travelling in Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada, United States and New Zealand. I thrive on learning about new adventures, unique opportunities and meeting the people who provide these experiences. I have a lot of business cards and contacts!

Connect with me for your next travel experience and let’s make it amazing!


I recently booked my trip to Norway with Bronwen’s expert help. I needed to travel during a pandemic and with lots of changes expected due to the nature of the trip, I could not have navigated the ever changing regulations and made sure to check all the new requirements prior to setting out on my own.

Bronwen’s organizational skills, timely reminders, swift and friendly actions when airlines change their schedules were absolutely invaluable. I will trust Bronwen to organize all my travels moving forward.”

Elisabeth Cheng

Bronwen provided skilled, knowledgeable and responsive service in helping us to plan and book our family vacation.

When traveling was postponed due to the pandemic, Bronwen worked effectively to ensure that we did not suffer any loss as a result. We are looking forward to booking through her service next year and highly recommend her to our friends and family.

Michelle Antil

Bronwen went above and beyond to help with my family vacation. She monitored ticket prices to see if they were going to drop before we had to buy them and she kept us updated. She got us our Neatly organized documents when we needed them and was not only knowledgeable but friendly too! She took the time to really know me and my family.

Ashley Doan
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