Donation to CAUSE WE CARE

By Personal Travel Management

Sharing jackets in our community!

Our amazing team is always finding ways to support our community and each other. After our annual Ensemble conference in September where sustainability in travel was the theme, we started brainstorming ways in which we could give back to our communities. A goal was set! Donate 50 coats to the Vancouver organisation CAUSE WE CARE in the next 2.5 weeks.

CAUSE WE CARE is a foundation based in Vancouver that empowers single mothers and their children living in poverty in our own community. They are committed to bridging the game between those with needs and those who can help meet those needs!

Some Facts

  • 1 in every 2 BC children in single parents were living in poverty in 2015
  • 2017 homeless count recorded 386 homeless children and youth
  • Over 80% of lone parent families on welfare are single mother-led

The donation!

Do you think we made it to 50, our little office of 30? Of course we did. We far exceeded that! We donated 120 coats to single Moms in Vancouver. This was an amazing achievement and demonstrates how well we work together!

We want to thank everyone of our friends, families and those in the community that reached out to help us far exceed the goal we set for ourselves!! THANK YOU!