Importance of Taking Vacation

By Bronwen Hill

When was the last time you took time off work for a vacation?

Lately I’ve seen many articles with statistics about how many of us don’t take our assigned vacations and the importance of taking breaks for our health. This suggests, that we need to stop working just a little bit, once and a while!

I think we can all attest that we love vacations. Whether we vacation in our backyards, like a staycation, or in an exotic location trying new foods and meeting new people. We may love our job, but we appreciate being away from it, but there is still a tiny part of us that worries about the mess we are going to come back to at work. Is this a reason to not take our allotted vacation days? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

A study by Expedia Group in 2018 reported that 87 per cent of respondents report feeling less anxious and more prepared to take on a challenge after a vacation. Reason #1 to take a vacation.

Have you ever unplugged?

Since phones and internet are everywhere, we always feel connected. Avoiding the temptation to check your work email or social media, or to take work calls while on vacation is difficult for some. Is this healthy? Not at all. Being connected to the “regular world” while on vacation makes us feel stress and anxiety, two emotions that should not be associated with vacation!

Honestly, you’re not doing your employers a favour (or yourself if you are self-employed) by not taking your vacation. Did you know that outstanding vacation time is logged in your companies accounting books (because it is a value amount that should be paid but hasn’t been paid)? In the US it’s valued at over $224 billion and would have created 1.9 million jobs, had the workers taken their earned and allotted vacation days (“State of the American Vacation 2018” by Tourism Economics).

I’m challenging you!

So, what is the point? I’m telling you to take your vacation days!

You work hard. You have earned your days off By taking a break you will be a more productive member of your team (or your own business) when you return.

During your next vacation I have a challenge for you: don’t answer emails and phone calls (that’s what voicemail and automatic email responses are for anyway).

Ask your co-workers to cover for you and offer to cover for them when it’s their turn. It’s called being part of a team!

Therefore I ask you, where will your next vacation take you AND can you unplug?

Check out my suggestions here or give me a call to get you away from the office!