Vacations for EVERYONE! How to choose the right kind of trip

By Bronwen Hill

Vacations for EVERYONE! How to choose the right kind of trip

The great thing about vacations, is that you can go and do whatever you want (within reason, of course). It can be long or short, close to home or to a land far far away, in the sun or in the snow. You can travel on your own or in a group, you can be adventurous or you can just relax.

This is what’s so exciting about my job! I get to customize it for you to suit what you need right now!

Here are some ideas for weekend getaways because as you can tell from my previous blog, these are so so important to our well-being.

East Coast Destinations:

Did you know that a flight from Vancouver to New York or Montreal is only 5 hours? While flying to the east coast does not strike one as a viable option for a weekend getaway, there is so much you can do in a weekend to the east coast: Broadway shows, theme parks, culture, sporting events!

There are so many flights across the country now and there are some amazing deals to be had, so it doesn’t have to be expensive. Leave Thursday night, arrive Friday morning and start your sightseeing! It won’t be long ‘til you are exploring Vieux Montreal or Coney Island in New York or admiring the view from the CN tower.

The bonus, when you have a flight home at 5pm on Sunday afternoon, you are back in Vancouver by 8pm!

Get into nature:

Many of us dream of taking in the fresh air more, so do it! During the summer in BC there are so many different ranches and lodges that become accessible. Get in a long weekend of horse riding, fishing, hiking. BC has so much natural beauty go and enjoy it. I guess that is why it is called ‘Super - Natural British Columbia’.

What is the difference between a lodge and a ranch in BC? A lodge is accommodation generally waterside and remote. Accessible by helicopter, float plane or boat only. No roads, which means the only people in and around the lodge are guests and staff.

A ranch is a working property. You will on most occasions find these inland and will have animals such as horses, perhaps goats and other livestock. When visiting a Ranch you get to be part of running it. Help with feeding the animals then take the horses into the trails and explore the surrounding lands. If you ever get a chance, I HIGHLY recommend a ranch stay at least once in your life. The experience is amazing!

City Escape:

Of course there is always the option of a city escapes and we have a few to choose from within not a long distance. Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, or even Victoria. Each has different things to offer, from museums, to natural experiences such as Whale Watching, or culinary experiences.

Talk with me to make sure you get the most of your weekend getaway.