Top Christmas Booking Tips

By Bronwen Hill

My Christmas Booking Tips!

Its July and that means Christmas - right!

For those of us from the southern hemisphere, Christmas in July is the time we can celebrate like in the movies! You know wrapped up in puffy jackets, with snow falling and all those Christmas lights! Now that I live in the northern Hemisphere, I guess I should crack out the BBQ at the lake, put on a Santa hat and remind myself how the first 23 years of Christmas' occurred…

No matter the hemisphere, it is a good reminder to start thinking about our plans for that crazy season. I know I am crazy to think about it now, but I am thinking of you!

What are your plans? Here are my top reasons for why you should start to plan and book your trip now:

  1. Get the best prices - nothing for Christmas goes on sale in November - NOTHING…It is the busiest time of the year companies don't need to last minute fill seats/hotels/tours. People booked these in July with early bird sales and reduced deposits..
  2. NO January credit card blues- December is a rampant month for your credit card. Your credit card gets a whole years workout in just one month usually. Then January hits - argh! Christmas regret hits. Booking now, you avoid this and can pay installments for the next 5 months…perhaps more manageable.
  3. Points - how many do you have? My gosh, I got rid of my points cards because I could never find a time to use them. If however you are an avid point collector, the earlier you get in the least number of points you have to use to book what you want - be efficient with those points.
  4. Less stress - if you have booked your travel in advance, it is one less thing to think about toward the end of the year. It seems everything becomes due in December and everyone wants everything then. It is a great peace of mind that you have your travel plans sorted.

Things to consider when planning:

  1. Create buffers in your plan - In the northern hemisphere we are usually 'blessed' with a heavy dumping of snow on and around Dec 22-24 - just as everyone is travelling. If the 'must-be-at' Christmas dinner is New Years Eve at 6pm sharp, plan a morning flight. Arrive around mid-day to allow for any snow, ice or passenger delays.
  2. Write out what you need - Hotel, transfers, flights, concert tickets etc - check mark it once organised. Book it all early, because finding anything last minute is hard at Christmas with so many statutory days and adjusted working hours for different offices.
  3. GIFTS - plan to get small items. This makes travelling easier. Consider boxing them and sending them early to your destination so you don't have to carry them in your luggage.

For Christmas I am heading home to Australia. Booking my flights now, I was able to book Air New Zealand premium Economy seats for the same price as the economy seats I had looked at earlier. Yes - there was a sale and I grabbed those seats with both hands. I love travelling Air New Zealand so it was an easy decision.

If you are ready to start planning your Christmas vacation, contact me and I will be happy to be your Christmas Angel in ensuring you have an enjoyable Christmas!