Large, Large Group - SOAR 2017

By Bronwen Hill

It has been 8 months in the making for PTM, but 3 years for our client and it all comes down to today SOAR 2017!

Every 3 years Girl Guides has this enormous camp out for a week. This year it is in Smithers. Personal Travel Management has organised the flights for close to 1,500 guiders and 200 volunteers from the lower mainland to Smithers.

I am currently in Smithers, having flown up with 87 of the volunteers and the feeling is electric. Ladies of all ages are just so excited to be at camp and with other like minded individuals.

Yesterday I toured through the campground – which was yet to be filled with tents, but I can just imagine what it will be like. This is where the total of 2,500 guiders and volunteers will call home for a week. I was also toured around Smithers and the surrounding area to see where the different activities outside of the camp ground will take place.

It is quiet beautiful up here with the mountains overlooking the wide valley. It is nice to know that the fires of this year have spared this little part of BC as for some guiders it is their escape from the recent experiences.

You can tell that everyone is excited before you have even left the departing airport as everyone is on time and flights are able to leave EARLY! What, yes EARLY – when does that happen when you are flying. On the plane the girls and ladies alike are talking eagerly with their fellow guiders and they bounce off the plane when arriving into Smithers. We shuttle them by bus to the fairgrounds and as they go through town they will see signs welcoming SOAR participants to this little town of 6000 people.

This is going to be a jam-packed week and up until now, we have had only 2 persons miss their flights (which we could accommodate on following flights) and rain only in one departure point (out of 4). Let’s hope this is a sign to come for the following week for the girls and the 39 ladies who have organised this entire event for the last 3 years!!