Travelling into the future!

By Personal Travel Management

Travel and travelling safely

To travel or not to and do it safely, protecting yourself and those you interact with.

There are occasions where you need to travel beyond our borders and right now we need to do this as safely as possible. Many countries now require a PCR test to be completed prior to departure (Check with your PTM agent the timeline and testing requirements for each country!). You also want to ensure that if you need assistance or care abroad, you can obtain it with ease. We have two recommendations for travel during COVID.

Pre-Departure PCR Test

When you require a PCR test prior to travel our recommendation is: CVM Medical. You can book your test on their website. Currently they offer testing in Vancouver, Nanaimo and Calgary.

They are a team of medical professionals – as in professionals who have international travel medicine experience. They understand.

They guarantee that you will receive your results within 48hrs. This gives you plenty of time to catch that plane stress free.

COVID Medical Travel Insurance

Before travelling, a check of the coverage of your Travel Insurance medical policy must be carried out. Many policies provided through extended health care benefits and annual policies will not include coverage for 'known events'. COVID is a known event.

Our recommendation is to purchase a COVID Travel Insurance Policy through Manulife Insurance.

A COVID Travel Insurance policy issued with Manulife Insurance provides medical coverage in the event you require medical treatment as a result of COVD. It also includes trip interruption coverage in the event you are required to isolate or quarantine abroad. This gives you peace of mind while travelling!

In the coming months our options for international travel will expand. Be sure to travel safely and have a reliable test conducted prior to departure as well as coverage during your travels. Travelling safely is not just ensuring you meet destination entry requirements, but you are not responsible for transmitting the virus. Together we can safely travel again!

Are you needing to plan your next getaway, plan it responsibly and with expert help! Contact your favourite PTM Travel Agent now.